love is love

love is a moment

a flicker

a gaze

a shift

an idea

love is forgiving

it doesn’t get caught up in the irrelevant details

like not knowing enough about a sports team

or not being able to sit through an entire art museum

love is fuel

it’s sewn with passion and vulnerability

it doesn’t pay any attention to over opinionated onlookers

or the idea that one couple’s love is lesser or greater than that of another

love comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes

it comes without warning

and sometimes at the wrong time

but love can’t be ignored

it can be pushed aside and fought with

but it can’t be forgotten

those moments

those moments filled with love are




when i think about love

i see two individuals

who come home after an exhaustingly long day

they lie down beneath their bed sheets

let out a sigh of relief and just see each other

and you can just see it in their eyes

it’s that “you’re my person” look

that stare that says everything

it’s safe and calming and a complete rush of euphoria

i don’t think love has to be communicated through enormous gestures

or constant reassurances

love is supposed to be natural and fluid

it has to be able to grow and be taken to the highest -and sometimes lowest- points

it can’t be caged and locked up

it can’t be restricted and forced

being in love doesn’t mean losing your identity

it means finding someone who you fit with

someone you can grow with

it’s not about making each other “perfect together”

it’s about listening and being able to stand there for that person when they need it

it’s a best friend

a partner

a bond

love is everywhere

sometimes it’s harder to find for others

but it’s there

in people

a mother caressing her child for the first time

a teenage couple laughing over milkshakes in a mom-and-pop’s diner

an elderly couple that has made it to their fiftieth year together

it’s in moments

a girl squeezing her best friend’s hand during the scary parts of a movie

a homeless man giving his jacket to his dog on a winter night

a long walk on a perfect day with the right person

you don’t have to be old and “wise” to have an idea of what love is

and just because you’re in middle school

it doesn’t mean you’re too young to experience it

we are at a point in the world

where a division has deepened

people care more about the gestures and ideas

rather than the pure act of loving

we are consumed with the facade of going on extravagant dates

dream weddings


and life

we don’t stop to think about the feelings and emotions behind it all

“I want kids, but I want two. A boy first and a girl second.”

“I love him, but did you see that picture he posted with that girl?”

“He loves me, so I love him.”

love is never perfect

there is conflict

it’s a huge, complicated puzzle

some pieces will fit

some won’t

some are too hard to finish

some are put together only to be taken apart

everyone wants a great love

yet it remains as one of the hardest things to achieve and hold onto

i want a love that’s real

a free love

that has the ability to let both of us grow and follow our passions

a deep love

that never makes me feel unsure or afraid

an everlasting love

that even when the going gets rough, we don’t let it get in the way

i want a love that everyone is able to feel

that isn’t obstructed by




or sexual preference

love is in everyone

it has the capability to turn a cold heart

into a heart filled with life and vivacity

it comes without a hello

and can leave without a goodbye

but love impacts the lives of each and every soul

it’s everywhere

it breathes

and sees

and walks among us

it’s in you

and it’s in me

and it’s universal

¿what is love?


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