school dance pt. 2

Prom. Prom. Prom. I find it so fascinating how so many girls, and some boys, take relentless measures to look their absolute best on that one evening. Heck, I’ll even admit I’m one of those girls.

It all starts with the dress. Is the gown flowing and ethereal, or fitted and fierce? Will you be eating a lot that evening? If yes, silk is probably out of the question. So, maybe you’ll opt for a pretty chiffon or tulle? Short or long? Slit or no slit? Revealing neckline or full coverage? Thin straps or no straps? How does the back look?

It’s all exhausting really, but utterly and completely fun at the same time. It’s like finding a wedding dress – stressful, but so worth it in the end. The ultimate goal is to look your best. Personally, I use prom to dress in the way I would if I were to attend an event like a grand opening attended by celebrities or to a formal gala. I am all for looks that embrace bohemian vibes and sweet with a little debonair edge. Picture Vanessa Hudgens’ red carpet looks, but on a middle class American’s budget. For me, it’s less about the idea of standing out and more about finding something that makes me feel confident while wearing it.

No girl wants to wear the same dress as someone else, but I also think the entire look should serve one purpose: to make the wearer feel great in it. This idea, of course, should pertain to everything he/she wears, but I think it’s even more amplified for events like prom. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on heels that you don’t really like only because your mom said they look good? Only to take them off halfway into the night to dance?

Depending on your technique, prom can turn into a very expensive affair. That’s why I love stores like “Fashion Nova” and “Lulu’s.” They allow their clientele to find pretty dresses (and clothes in general) for affordable prices. It’s honestly about looking good while also making your wallet feel good too.

Plus, prom is one of the many more nights you’ll have to look forward to for the rest of your life. Why waste money on a bank breaking gown that you’re only planning on wearing once? I always like to remember the statement, “If you can’t see yourself wearing it more than once, why buy it?”

Prom is a high school affair, it’s not a Golden Globes gown. So, live a little. Don’t stress about finding some dress made by a world renowned designer that costs an arm and a leg. It’s just high school. Worry about spending all of your money on what’s after high school and the adventures you’ll take, not about a three hundred dollar dress that could’ve been a fifty dollar one that you could look better in. Just something to think about.

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