the school dance

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle involved with the life of being a high school senior, there is one main event that has each and every one of them buzzing around this time of the year. It’s not last minute standardized tests, college applications, or scholarship deadlines – although, those are all very urgent matters. It is the one event that brings every teenager together, whether you’re a jock or a book worm, and for one night all of the worries surrounding senior year seem to fade away. Senior prom.

For a guy, I would imagine it’s a relatively simple experience. They find a date, a suit, a corsage, and finalize all of the payments they need to. It’s like a checklist, but they might add or subtract a few things to do depending on the fellow.

For a girl, on the other hand, it’s a completely different playing field. The entire process may take the whole day, while the gentlemen take, at most, an hour. There’s the hair, the makeup, the dress, the shoes, the accessories, and of course – the date.

But in today’s day and age, I’ve noticed things aren’t exactly as they used to be concerning proms. My mom, for instance, would talk about how high school prom, and any type of school formal for that matter, always consisted of a couple attending the event together. The way she talked about it, going “stag” to an event was rather embarrassing.

Personally, as a high school senior, I think prom is one of those things where you should be able to let loose and dance the night away with whoever you’re close to. Disclaimer: I didn’t even have the guts to ask the boy I had a crush on to my prom. Before you think, “What are you doing? You’re going to have so many regrets,” I have to explain myself.

Up until this point in my life, I was always that girl. The one who needed to rewrite her notes if they didn’t look nice. The girl who would rather stick her head in a book than start up a conversation with a boy. That girl who dyes her hair pink instead of conforming to the socially constructed idea of “what boys prefer girls to look like.” That’s all a bunch of phooey.

As prom got closer, and I began to realize I had no prospective boys to ask to prom, let alone boys I actually talked to, my head began to cloud over with doubt. Prom was expensive, and I didn’t want to have a pity date or make someone pay an arm and a leg to hang out with me for the first time ever. I wanted to have fun at prom with all of my girl friends, not worry about some guy I want to make an awesome first impression on.

As for the regrets of not approaching my school crush, there’s always today. I may not go to prom with this person, but I think that’s okay. I would rather take my time to get to know a person rather than rushing into it and end up regretting it the whole night.

Plus, prom will be a night to remember regardless. It doesn’t matter if it’s the worst get together of my high school career or if the DJ is awful. Whether you’re an anime addict gushing over each other’s drawings on table twenty-four, or a bunch of best friends getting down on the dance floor, I think that night is really all about the connections you make and the relationships you’ve gained up until that point. Me? You can catch me in the food line or under the disco ball, either way, I’ll be there to have fun – on my own terms.

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