in the moments we share


it’s something we don’t get to experience very often

it’s something that certain individuals experience more than others

when i think of peace

i think of a drive along the coast

just as the sun begins to rise and say its first hello

when the sky is hazy and has a pink glow

and all you hear is the crashing of the waves

and the whisper of the wind flying past your ears

i think of that feeling between your fingers

as you make waves in the air as you drive by

you close your eyes

stick your hand out the window

and take a deep breath

and all of a sudden

it’s like your flying

it’s a place where everything feels right

it can be anything for anyone

it can be something as little as

bundling yourself up in a warm blanket on a cold, rainy day

or as big as

seeing your loved one come home safely from a war


peace is not cherished enough

in a world where

divisions are deepening

protests are increasing

fights aren’t relenting

and people aren’t seeing

the truth in front of them

we lose sight of the moments

the days

the hours

the minutes

that we are so lucky to have

our tomorrow

is only a dream

for someone who is spending today as their last


is fragile and impossibly fast

we are brought into the world

to “live”

to make a family

to get a job

to better society

instead of truly living

finding your passions

diving deep into them

and relishing in each and every moment you are given

everyone has their own outlet

their peace

it’s easy to lose it

to forget to sit back and relax

at the end of a day

to call up your mom, just because

to spend a day doing what you’ve always wanted to

to plan a weekend just for you

life is just a period of time

and time is always fleeting

so emphasize the good parts

the smiles

the laughs

the inexplicable feelings

peace is a privilege

peace can be here today

and gone in a second

it doesn’t owe anyone anything

and it doesn’t always have a reason for its presence

but it’s something to look forward to

it’s something to hold onto when you can

it’s a dream

that should become a reality for everyone

no matter how many obstacles we must overcome

before we get there



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