Bodies can be so overwhelmingly beautiful. They can be lean, curvy, toned, muscular, tall, short – anything. There’s something beautiful about every individual. It’s something that makes he or she sparkle. For one girl it could be her eyes and for another it could be her hourglass figure.

When I was little, I would always stuff my shirt with crumpled up tissue paper and pretend to have these intensely defined curves. I thought that in order to be “feminine” I had to have this perfectly proportioned body that was always displayed on magazine covers and billboards.

As the years passed, the definition of beauty transformed. There was always something new to live up to. Another standard to uphold.

You could be skinny, but not skinny enough. You could be curvy, but not in the right places. In today’s day and age it’s all about embracing every body, every size, every shape, every form. But the socially constructed idea of beauty, this idea of being perfect, has yet to be broken down internally. People are becoming more and more accepting of the way they look, but it’s still a fight to be won.

People everywhere struggle with insecurities. For some, the self hatred is stronger than it is for others. I, for one, struggle with it everyday.

Sometimes I will find myself staring into the mirror for so long. I will stand there and analyze every little thing about myself. I am observant and notice the most minuscule of details, and that never excludes the things I see in myself.

It’s so easy for some people to say, “But you look great, there’s no reason for you to feel the way that you do.”

It’s so easy for someone to talk about a problem they don’t know enough about. Why?

A racist person can go on and on about how another race is so beneath them even without knowing what it’s truly like to be a part of that culture.

A homophobic individual can speak for hours about a love that they don’t understand.

A skinny person can lecture on and on about how larger individuals aren’t “trying hard enough.”


Race isn’t a choice.

Loving someone isn’t a choice.

Sometimes, size isn’t a choice either.

So why have bodies become such a huge role in people’s lives?

Instead of embracing what we have and loving ourselves, we are taught from a young age that there’s always something bigger and better to attain.

It’s mind boggling how easy it is to tell someone he or she isn’t beautiful, and how hard it is for that individual to recover from it.

Your body is art. Bodies are art.

They are constantly evolving, growing, transforming, and moving. We have to learn to love them no matter how arduous of a journey it may be, and that’s something I am continuing to try so very hard to accept.












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