on the road

they’re spurs of the moment

fetched ideas

that turn into day long festivities

they’re spontaneous

yet planned

moments like these I know I’ll remember forever


We woke up at around nine in the morning that day. The sky was cloudy and the rain was just beginning to drop down and say hello. You looked at me with an expression that read, “This probably isn’t the best idea,” but you went with it anyway. Just for me.

We hit the road and as if it was on cue, the rain began pouring down by the tons. Everywhere we looked was either painted in white or hazy mists of gray. It could’ve been a perfect day to stay at home, read a book, make a cup of tea, so on and so forth. But, we don’t like to stick to the norm, do we?

That day, we went straight to the coast. We visited a quaint little coffee shop in Haleiwa with lights strung up on the ceiling in an organized mess, coffee themed relics galore, and the scent of a fresh french press wafting through the cafe – complete bliss.

The coffee was amazing. But then again, I love coffee any way, anytime, so that’s a given.

We admired the easy going vibe of the cafe patrons and we continued to snap pictures of the place until we were absolutely satisfied with the shot we got, and when we were ready, part two of the day was officially ready to begin.

We ran out into the rain and threw our stuff into the car in an attempt to outrun the wet globules even though we knew the effort was pointless. We stopped at almost every beach we passed and just sat there in the car and watched.


It’s those moments

Those effortless moments

That resonate the strongest with me

Those times in the car

When the music takes you to the farthest place imaginable in your mind

And the scenery in front of you makes everything come back to you in a rush

The rain

Dripped. Dripped. Dripped.

Onto the windows of your car

And we took the moment to just watch

To watch the waves crashing down onto the shore

Filled with power and magnanimity


When we were in the car, I looked towards the horizon of the water and all I could think was how the universe is really so big. There is so much life – and death – going on around us. Flowers that bloom, currents that move, and people. Amazing people. Evil spirited people. Vivacious people.

The more I sat back to think about it, the more and more I seemed to delve deeper into this train of thought. This thought that my world, as small as it once seemed to be, is now so big I can barely wrap my head around it.

Technology has been completely transformative for the world. We can’t even imagine a moment without it these days. But I want more.

I want to be able to go to a concert

a parade

an amusement park

a beach

a museum

and not feel the need to whip out my phone

to get the “perfect shot”

to “capture the moment so I can keep it forever”

That, I feel, is what makes our generation a bit sad in comparison to older generations. We have this idea in our head that we have to save and document every moment before it is gone, rather than spending each and every moment by living them to the fullest.

People like my grandparents would go on dates and nights out with their friends and they would do it without fancy cameras or cell phones. To keep a memory, you’d remember it.

You would live in the moment and hold onto it in your mind exactly as you wanted to remember it.

I’m not saying that I am going to go out there and completely disregard my phone. But I think that even a small moment, like a sunset or a dinner with your mom, is a perfect time to put it all to rest. To realize the ever-changing, ever progressing nature of the world around us and breathe it all in. For tomorrow, there’ll always be a new memory, a new face, a new wave to grab a hold of.


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