the little things

I saw this couple at the beach.

The woman was beautiful. She was wearing this bright red dress that looked as if it was floating in the wind. She was brunette and she had soft, porcelain skin. She looked happy.

The man was inspired. He was carrying this small digital camera and was bending and twisting in an effort to capture his wife perfectly. He looked happy.

I would like to imagine that her name was Eve, and his name was Sebastian (no reason, I just like the names).

In my self constructed idea of those two gems, they’re inexplicably happy together.

Seb likes to take pictures of her when she’s not looking. In fact, he has photo books filled to the brim with photos of her. From their first date, their wedding day, and even their lounge days around the house.

Eve likes her independence. She likes making her own coffee in the morning and being the boss of everything. She knows she’s a queen and she knows what she deserves as a woman.

When I see couples like them, I find myself delving deeper and deeper into these ideas of who they could truly be. But I’ve come to the realization that I rarely ever look at the whole picture.

I see Seb putting together an intimate date at their favorite restaurant, but I neglect the fact that the two had just gotten through an intense fight.

I see Eve crying at their wedding out of pure joy and infatuation, but I ignore the times she cried out of anger on their bad days.

No relationship is perfect. Everyone has disagreements and everyone deals with them in varying ways.

But on days like tomorrow, we tend to lose focus of the truth.

Tomorrow isn’t about solely celebrating love. It’s about embracing the good times and the bad. It’s about showing love on a bigger scale and being open to embracing more people into your life.

It’s not about having self pity and getting down on yourself for being single or not knowing what to get your significant other. It’s about looking at all of the pictures, the memories. Being a Seb and flaunting your love. Being an Eve and rejoicing in all of the time and care you’ve spent with others.

Who says you need to be in a relationship in order to have fun tomorrow?



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