the future

millions of students around the world

millions of people for that matter

want a future

we want to live life to the fullest

get our dream job

go to our dream school

do something great with our lives

yet such a small portion of us actually stick it out for the long run

and fulfill those dreams

why is college

why are our futures for that matter

guided by others around us

rather than ourselves

why do we have to listen to berating parents that tell us who and what

we should be

with our own lives

why are we told to go to college

but get rejected by admissions offices that don’t know who each of us

really are

we are judged based on facts

and criteria

and papers

rather than values


and personal nature

how can you possibly know who someone is

and know everything you need to know in order to reject him or her

if all you see

are scores and numbers

why have we gotten to this point

where all everyone cares about is getting the highest scores

taking the most rigorous courses

filling up their schedules with all sorts of extra curricular activities

and neglecting to actually stop

and breathe

to be aware of what’s going on in the world

to be more than a statistic

to go outside and spend quality time with your family

to make a meal for your grandmother

to put down the book for a second and give your dog some love

in a world with billions of people

the idea of life has been blurred

if we aren’t among those drowning themselves in piles of work

we get left behind

and if we do nothing

we become lost

originality has become so impossible to come by

being the best can only last for so long

we all have to catch our own waves

create our own paths

and it’s scary

and I don’t know where one path leads

or another ends

but we all end up somewhere

in this jumbled mess

the only questions are


and where


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