on the flip side

we woke up at five in the morning

drove out to the coast

gathered our things in a jumbled pile

in the middle of the mass of grainy sand

between the poses

and the soft smiles

there was a tiny flicker that was exposed in all of us

it was a moment

where the feeling was genuine

it wasn’t overdone

or unauthentic

it was real

a moment where everything else in the picture seemed to


out the unnecessary details


i am no professional photographer

or aesthetic connoisseur

but it’s those small lapses of time

even if it’s for only a second

the camera allows me to capture

something inexplicable

an emotion that wasn’t forced

a glance that said it all

a smile that came from the deepest part of one’s heart

so take me back to the water’s edge

to the hammocks beneath the lines of coconut trees

to the feet i walked side by side with

i live for those moments

i forget about all of the irrelevant details

and i get to focus on





where i get to see the

the truth

of what’s in front of me

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