no name

in the midst of all these faces

i walk

and talk

and breathe

just as you do

each of us grow up

holding onto this idea

that we are all somehow different

that somehow, out of the billions of people on earth

we stand out amongst the rest

that we have something special in each of us

a spark

an idea

a trait

i am one of those people who likes being in the crowd

i like to listen

to stories

and memories

and music

i like to live in the moment

and embrace the little things

that most people overlook

i might not be extraordinary

like albert einstein

mahatma ghandi

or stephen hawking

and at times

i feel like i am just like everybody else

the way i talk

and dress

and act

is no different from at least one person at a time


in this incomprehensibly huge world

at the end of the day

i still get to be me

somewhere in there

i stand out

maybe i have to wait to see and figure out what that thing is

maybe i’ll find the answer tomorrow

the next day

or when i’m seventy-five

but i know it’s there


there may rarely be a stark difference

between all of us

like a groundbreaking discovery

an olympic gold medal

or a new york bestselling book

but just because you haven’t done any of those things

it doesn’t make you any lesser of an individual

a huge form of recognition

can be just as great as

having a huge heart

and doing your best to help everyone around you

so why is that

such a hard concept to grasp?


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