each beginning

is a way to start anew

to be surrounded

with new sights




like food, music, and museums

moving to a new home

could mean new life lessons

strange experiences

a few fixer-uppers to do

graduating from school

could mean a step into the unknown

to start a career

to go backpacking through rural countries

to embark on a new platform for education

everyone has experienced some sort of change

whether it be

meeting an unfamiliar face

being interviewed for a job

trying out an ethnic food that you might not have ever tasted before

change comes in a myriad of forms

for some

it means a world full of opportunities to grasp in every direction

for others

it’s scary

it means not knowing what to expect and

not knowing if you’ll end up being okay at the end of it all

for most

it’s both

change means not having full control of every aspect of what’s to come

change means having the will to try your hand at different things

things that are completely foreign or uncomfortable at first

there are small, almost unnoticeable changes we experience in life

and some incredibly life changing ones

I am definitely no life expert

nor have I even been here long enough to truly know what life entails

but I know that each day

I change

Whether it’s in the way I speak to a stranger

or the way I carry myself as I walk from street to street

I know that change, like much of the other things I’ve talked about

is everywhere

you can either be

someone who stands there

trying to obstruct and stop the changes that are trying to be made

or you can be there

along for the amazing rides that change has to offer

we never know what tomorrow will bring

but it’s the changes that have happened yesterday

and today

that tell us who we really are

are we the types of individuals

who live each day as if we want everything

every single detail

to go our way?

or are we the types of individuals

who see life with so much more hope

and dreams

people who go out for random adventures with friends

people who take up a new hobby – like ski jumping

people who look at life dead in the eye

and say

“I’m ready”




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