why are some colors easier to except than others?

when i see a color
a tone
a shade
a pigment
i see more
behind each color
there is a story

a lamp at a local restaurant
looks dated and on it’s last leg
the light bulb is flickering
you could throw it away
you could replace it with a modern light fixture
you could design it and make it appear exactly as you want it to
even though that specific lamp
has been there for decades
has been there since the first customer walked through the restaurant doors
but it’s an object
for some
it can be something so easy to get rid of
for others, it’s a push and shove that isn’t taken lightly

why is it
that people
can treat such meaningful objects
like they’re nothing but a piece of trash
and go on
to treat people the same way

people are like colors
there are infinite possibilities with colors
some colors mix well with others
together, they can combine to make even more beautiful concoctions
some colors mix haphazardly
combining to make muted, more ruddy tones

we live in a world
where color signifies a lot of things
in a literal and figurative sense

being the color lavender
means having a gentle spirit
having the will to move freely in the wind
it’s calm
and almost freeing to be lavender

being the color cerulean
you’re adventurous
you have no problem diving into the deep
and breaking past the surface and the barrier it creates

at the end of the day
is just a color
it can turn a timid individual
into a dare devil
and a home body
into a free spirit

color has no say
with who you are
with what your actions may be
with how you should be treated

should be based on observations
and actions
so why is it so hard
to accept the color lilac
in addition to violet

why is it so easy
to place associations alongside these colors
to associate negative things with certain colors
and so unfathomably hard
to see the depth behind those colors.


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