we’ll be jammin’

Recently, I’ve been becoming more in tune with my emotions and the person I have become thus far. So much is going on. College. Graduation. Deadlines. People. Memories. Time.

Today’s entry will be another music submission.

Music has really been a way for me to express the feelings that I haven’t always been able to put into words. It doesn’t even have to be put into lyrics.

The beat. It can remind you of the pitter patter of the rain on the roof of your car on a not so great day.

The bass. It can remind you of the little background details that some tend to misplace in spite of their importance.

The voice. It can remind you of your mother’s laugh or your best friend’s cry.

These are a few of the musicians and songs that have me dancing (aka trying and failing to dance) to the rhythm and have me feeling all sorts of nostalgia.

p.s. check out the music videos for these songs. They’re total aesthetic pleasers.

1. Izzy Bizu – Mad Behaviour
2. Izzy Bizu – Give Me Love
3. Izzy Bizu – White Tiger
4. Jorja Smith – Beautiful Little Fools
5. Maggie Rogers – On + Off
6. Dodie – Would You Be So Kind?
7. Hippo Campus – Violet
8. Hippo Campus – South
9. Declan McKenna – Brazil
10. Declan McKenna – The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home
11. Leon Bridges – River
12. Oh Wonder – All We Do
13. Lianne La Havas – No Room For Doubt
14. Jack Garratt – Breathe Life
15. Hippo Campus – Monsoon
16. Izzy Bizu – Diamond
17. Izzy Bizu – Adam & Eve
18. dné – These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere
19. Polographia – Feels Alright (feat. Looks Fade)
20. Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me


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