on the edge

be like the waves
always fluid
and in motion

be like the sand
moving grain by grain

be like the sky
a myriad of colors
never appearing to look the same twice

be like the shore line
rushing into the unknown
as far as possible

be like the life beneath the water
working in harmony
finding a balance

be like the people
willing to jump straight into the water
with no fears attached or visible apprehension

on the coast
there’s a girl
who wants to be all of these things
and more
she tries to look as far as she can
to the farthest visible point of the water
right before it meets the sky
she holds her breath
as the white wash tickles her toes
and the sand conforms to her every shift and step
this girl
wants a world full of people just like the ocean
the sand
the sky
the shore line
the sea creatures
the people
she sees the waves crashing
the sand tumbling
the sun shifting
the coral depleting
just like
everything else going on in the world
she stared at the coast for hours
how everything about the water
can seem so effortlessly calm and serene
even when it’s faced with so many trials

the girl took a step closer into the water
felt the water’s current pull and push
at the base of her legs
when she looked up
a wave was slowly increasing in size
gaining speed and towering over the girl
right as the wave’s peak was about to topple over
the girl took a deep breath
willed her legs to move as fast as they could
and dove
straight into the colossal monster
hair flying
limbs flailing
eyes watering
and all
she stared straight into its blue eyes
and denied to do as it told.


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