her face
her smile
her eyebrows
her posture
her walk
her clothes
her legs
her eyes
her stomach
her arms

why does any of it matter?
why do we base so much of what we think about other people
on their outward appearance?

why do girls, specifically,
feel the need to pick out every miniscule detail about other girls?

so what
if a girl has a rounder stomach
a raspy voice
a more muscular frame?

since when
did people have a say in what makes other people beautiful?

I admit
as a girl
I make judgements
everyone does
but it doesn’t have to be that way

over the past few months
I’ve learned more about acceptance
I’ve realized that on this planet
of billions and billions of people
there are so many
different shapes and sizes
faces that differ in extreme ways
cultures that accept different fashions and makeup
places that emphasize body positivity
rather than body shaming

I recently came across something that tore at my heart
something that demonstrated true malice
right here
right in the heart of a place I love so much
making blatant judgements about other girls
girls they don’t know personally
girls they’re judging based on – what?
take a guess

when you take a look in the mirror
take the time
even if it’s a split second
to look yourself in the eye
at every single little glimmer of light inside of you
and know you’re so much more than a petty judgement made by a stranger
you’re so much more than a comment
you’re so much more than every negative saying you might have replaying in your head
you may not be a super model
or have perfectly proportioned curves
or have a very symmetric face

but who’s to say you aren’t beautiful?
who’s to say you’re anything less than perfect?
who’s to say that you’re less than someone else?
the only one who can make those kind of judgements is yourself
and if the people around you fail to realize
your amazing worth
your one of a kind heart and soul
and your true beauty
then they have some soul searching to do

and if you
if you find yourself to be one of them
one of those people pouring irrational judgements
out of their hearts
it’s definitely time to start taking a look around
a look at the huge world around you
it’s bigger than all of us
there are more people in the world than you can possibly fathom
so if you’re one of those people
people who spend every waking second
and bullying
and spreading hatred
rather than love
I say
you’re wasting a lot of time
on the billions of people around you
rather than the one that needs the most work and self observation
right at this very moment


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