disaster zone

sirens blaring
hearts racing
children crying
people fleeing

you see the monsoon
it’s impossible to ignore
you feel the earth shake beneath your feet
it’s impossible to be stable

tell me why
in the midst of terror
the truth muddles
and panic ensues

tell me why
a war could be going on
in a thirteen year old girl’s head
an inescapable war
a cold war
a fierce war
yet no one seems to notice
or care

tell me why
we choose to be bullies
why we attack when the enemy lines are down
why fists are thrown before –




and truly noticing

the scenery

tell me why
so many people
around the world
go through these tsunamis, landslides and storms
this inner turmoil
this entire process of rotting from the inside out
of turning every white cloud into a black one
and they continue to endure it until they just –


the word “can’t”
“i can’t ride a bike”
“i can’t make friends”
“i can’t decide”
“i can’t do that”

is the reason why these tragedies are set into motion
and why they aren’t defended against

the wall could be anything for anyone
any person, place or thing
or it can be inexplainable, unavoidable, indescribable

somewhere out there
millions of people
have reached this wall
a wall that consumes them with an unparalleled intensity

but even in isolation
there can be a purpose to fulfill
a mountain to climb
a face to meet
a wall to surpass

at the end of it all
there’s always an exit route
a plan to be enacted
a turn to take

there’s never one, sole path to take
especially at the center of a
disaster zone.


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