above the surface

in between it all
there’s a moment
when it’s quiet
the irrelevant details blur
and if you –


look into a pair of eyes
watch the way each iris
flicks from one direction to another
for that one moment
there’s a peak
a summit of absolute blissfulness
it’s unexplainable
and unparallel to anything else
a split second
is all it takes
to see me

toes squiggling around in the sand
a subtle arch of the brow
a tingling sensation beneath finger tips
a burst of energy

i am a part of so many lives
but to some
i am a stranger

i can be invited in
with a simple phrase
about a man with a rubber toe
whose name is roberto
or a train that
chew chews when it eats

and i can say goodbye
when an argument ensues
or a main character passes in a movie

i can be welcomed in an elaborate fashion

and i can leave without a single trace

don’t forget i exist
don’t forget i have a purpose
i make every laugh last
every kind moment matter
and every second
so much more beautiful

see me in someone’s eyes
or even your own
and look deeper
than the superficial ideals
the make believe
the fountain of youth facades
and dig for the truth

the eye flickers
the tears that escape while laughing
the cheers of euphoria

don’t underestimate what i can do
or the lives that i have the ability to touch

because i’ll be there when you least expect me

and when that time comes

i hope you’re ready

and that you can tell me exactly

who i am.

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