my mind

“what goes on in that head of yours?”
I honestly do not know.
what goes on in anyone’s head for that matter?
I may not be able to describe it eloquently
or paint a pretty picture of it for you
but here it is…
a glimpse into my mind.

why is “sherbet” pronounced “shur-burt”
even though it only has one r
where does the second “ur” come from?
why are rabbits so quiet
my cousins had a rabbit once
it was brown
they named it brownie
are brownies called brownies
because they’re brown
who came up with colors
if colors exist
that we can’t see
could the world possibly look
much different than it appears?
both of those words have the word “pears”
in them
yet both are pronounced differently
a lot of things are different
black and white
light and dark
what is it like to dive on the deep end?
to follow the reef
all the way to the dropping point?
and then swimming over it?
how is it
that we’ve lived on a planet for so long
yet the ocean
the thing that takes up a majority of our planet
continues to exist
without us knowing what truly lies at the bottom of it?
i like fish
counting fish
one, two, three, four
why do numbers exist?
how does time work?
how do people calculate time to the exact second?
how did we come up with numbers that didn’t previously exist?
and correlate them with values?
the value of people
mean people
nice people
happy people
sad people
how does everything work?
how do –

i love whales.


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