sneak past my lips
like a wave of both sweet and bitter
travel down my throat
and into the dark abyss of my insides
run through my veins
like you know the way to my heart
pulse to the rhythm
as if you know the tempo to groove to
you’re warm
and wholesome
you’re everything i need
but you’re decaf
you’re a faker
and a liar
you’re just here for show
you’re like a waiter
that doesn’t know what’s on the menu
or a song
without a decent beat
you’re everywhere
like a stalker
hiding amidst the greenery
but popping out
just in time for someone to see you
you like the attention
when it approaches you in the right way
you like to look pretty
to be photographed
and admired
the people who love you
aren’t dependent on you
and you relish in that
you give what you have
even though in the end
what you have isn’t really much at all
in a single sip
i’ve realized a lot of things
are like decaffeinated coffee
in a lot of ways we are fakers
in a lot of ways we put on a show
we smile at people
and tell them everything is going to be okay
even when we aren’t sure of anything
let alone the end result of someone’s life struggle
we’re like a decaf cup of joe
there’s no promise of a brighter day
or a boost of energy
that rushes through our bodies
like a quick, simple fix
we all look the same
even when we’re lying
how do people make you feel?
is it a feeling of purity and honesty
a feeling of incomparable joy
or a feeling of doubt
and uncertainty?
almost bitter tasting?
are you decaf?
are we all?

p.s. coffee makes you constipated.
p.p.s. i should know.
p.p.p.s. i got this idea from @rygouveia she’s the loml


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