the best times

the wind wisps past my face
it’s cold
almost startling
strands of my hair get thrown across my face
shadowing over my eyes
the horizon is blurred
i feel soft
not in a texture sort of way
like smooth skin
or hair
or anything of that nature
but in an emotional way
i’m like a feather
easily swayed
and controlled
i’m delicate
yet i feel
when the sun dances across my face
i am overwhelmed with a wave
of absolute bliss
i feel sensitive
permeable to the ways of my surroundings
i feel amazing

on this day
i have never felt more happy
although “happy” isn’t the most
striking or eloquent word
but for some reason
it describes the way i feel perfectly
in this moment in time
i’ve never been more content
everything around me
everyone around me
has impacted me in a positive way
and i believe i’ve been reflecting that exact thing
i’m no longer struggling to feel great
or forcing a laugh or smile
this smile
i have plastered on my face
isn’t leaving anytime soon
it’s a feeling i want to embrace
it’s a feeling i want to spread
is a new day
a new adventure
a new face
a new lesson
and i have never been more thrilled
to see it.


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