up, up, and away

one step
school is over
no more
thirty minute lunches
and one hundred minute test periods
no more proms
or chats with favorite teachers

ten steps
going out everyday
reliving memories
sitting in the backseat of a car
surrounded by familiar faces
talking about what’s next
tears streaming down cheeks
ideas of the future
and being okay

fifty steps
the months
turned into weeks
then into days
people are packing their bags
what’s important
what’s not
everything is becoming oh so real

seventy-five steps
best friends
said their final goodbyes
at the airport
heavy-hearted parents
empty wallets
a bunch of kids
with bright futures
there for the taking

ninety steps
it’s my turn
i’m at the airport
the last one to go
a suitcase in one hand
and a fist full of promise
in the other
i see a chance
a chance to do something beyond
beyond everything i’ve ever dreamed of
a chance to be great
it’s bittersweet
it’s an emotion that throws everything at you
it makes you want another day
another hour
with the people you’ve grown used to
seeing everyday
it’s time

one hundred steps
i’m here.


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