five ways

Quietly, almost too silently
With prodding eyes to analyze
Every movement, breath, touch
How he ruffles his fingers
Between the wisps of his soft, brown hair
Or how his lips speak volumes
No matter how bland the tale,
It holds her captive with every escaping word
As she tilts her head sighing,
“He probably doesn’t even know I exist.”

Obsessive, because he’s the first
To get her heart beating so rapidly
On the verge of teenage hypertension
He makes her breathless
Which Sally calls the “Birds and bees wheeze”
But she falls deeper in the midst of her extreme passion

Thinking up couple names, marriage names, children’s names
She wonders of the wedding, the house, the trips…
While she’s lost in thought, he walks past her
To give a smooch to some new girl – his girlfriend?
She’s discouraged at first, but recovers as she reassures herself,
“I’ll be next anyway.”

Confident, as if the world is hers for the taking
She throws all types of signals his way
Subtle winks from her perspective
Rather, obnoxious looking to the general public
He tilts his head in a confused way
But she takes this as a sign of admiration
Looking down at her hot pink binder
Which she’s covered in photo shopped images of herself
In an elegant Sherri Hill wedding dress
The picture of everything she’s ever wanted,
Money and a man to keep her fully supplied with more of it.

Afraid, because she could get hurt
He could be just like the rest
Flawless to the inexperienced onlooker
But quick to darken, like a neglected orchid
He could be an abuser
Of narcotics, or the mental and physical type
Or he could make her vulnerable
And leave her crying beneath her sheets – alone
He taps her on the shoulder
Oh no – what will she do? Run? Hide? Start twitching to freak him out?
But it’s too late, he tells her the three words she was afraid of the most
Time stops as she realizes
Her fears are no longer a fantasy and
There’s no going back now.

Lovestruck, and filled with passion
His silhouette is outlined with freshly bloomed tulips – her favorite kind
She denies the remarks of it being her rose colored glasses
Because he has a mind, intricate in ideas and beliefs
His physique – while it is quite impressive – is second best
To their shared exchanges
Although it’s such a cliche, she compares them to being alone with him in a room
Time slows, to a speed just right for them
The way his dimple is slightly deeper on his left cheek when he laughs
How he still sends her hand-written letters
Because he believes they create more anticipation for the receiver
His excessive need for apple juice at two in the morning
The rants he goes off on about society after he’s downed the sugary drink
And his toothy smile that seems to infect even the grumpiest of patrons in the room
All make him a unique individual
He makes her believe fairytales can become a reality.


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