brown eyes

behind these windows
there lies a world of wonder
a world of change

no one dared
to ever breach its walls
no one cared
to change what appeared on the surface

yet somehow
changed it all

a single change
enacted a chain reaction
a single change
became created a domino effect
that transcended to every
part of my being

my once plain, brown eyes
transformed into
passageways to an otherworldly abyss

my straw, blonde hair
suddenly became a mane
of soft, wavy locks
like in those hair commercials on t.v.

thanks to this change
i see myself in a new light
a new lens
a new emotion

you no longer have control over who i am
you no longer consume everything i had to offer
i realized my worth
i realized how much i was missing out on
and i found a change
that accepted me
protected me
made me feel

like i meant something
like i was somebody
like i had a purpose

to who i was yesterday
to who i’m learning to become.


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