la obra maestra

I am a peony
slowly blossoming
into something beautiful
and ethereal

I am a painting
stroke by stroke
I become more intricate and complex
each shape
and color
represents a new meaning
a new side to my story

I am a dance
choreographed with such thought and care
each leap
is a mountain I’ve climbed over
each pirouette
is a transformation
external and internal

I am a song
shouting at the top of my lungs
and whispering
hymns of sweet, enchanting secrets
tales of love
tales of wonder
each melody
blending into one another
like small waves in the water
rippling and smoothing out between each crest

I am a sculpture
I have curves
and details
you can see if you wish to get close enough
I stand tall
even when I seem small
I demand your attention
with magnanimity and grace

I am art
I don’t suppress under the ideals of small minded people
I rise up amongst the thorns and paint splatters
I know of a beauty
individualized to each person
I see colors and hear sounds
that are normally looked over or ignored
I am a piece of
and warmth
in my mind
I am beautiful
and no one can take that idea away from me except myself


and you are too.

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